About us

Međunarodni transport

Eagle Sped ltd. is a family company that began work in 2016 in Cacak.

Our main activity involves express goods transportation using van vehicles in international road traffic.

We are predominantly oriented on transporting goods from Serbia to Western Europe, Great Britain, countries in the region and vice-versa.

We own a high-quality vehicle fleet which includes covered vans and temperature-regulated vehicles.

Covered vans have 8 pal slots while the refrigerated vehicles have 6-7.

All our vehicles are CMR insured and have GPS tracking which allows our clients to know where their goods are at all times.

We use covered vans to transport regular goods in moves, or artwork, car industry-related goods, various goods for the ship, airplane and construction industry and other goods that don't require regulated temperature.

We would especially like to highlight our refrigerated vehicles which feature the most complex form of transportation which requires responsibility, professionalism and precision.

The temperature can be regulated to be anywhere between -20 to +25 degrees Celsius and can transport:

Transport u zemlji

Our drivers are our permanent employees with years of professional experience and training.

We do our best to bring our maximum to every assignment, along with responsibility, dedication and professionalism. Those are our main features.

This is why we continue to improve every day and are following a rising path thanks to the quality of our services.

We consider our satisfied returning clients our biggest success.